Served all day!


Bagel & Butter 2.50
Bagel & Plain Cream Cheese 3.50
Chive Cream Cheese 4.25
Vegetable Cream Cheese 4.25
Lox Spread 5.75


Add Egg Whites 1.50 Extra

Egg Sandwich 5.00
Egg & Cheese Sandwich 6.00
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich 7.00
Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwich 7.00
strong id=”item”>Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich 7.00
Salami & Egg Sandwich 8.00
Corned Beef & Egg Sandwich 9.00
Pastrami & Egg Sandwich 9.00


Bacon 6.00
Sausage 6.00
Ham 6.00
Turkey Bacon 6.00
Turkey Sausage 6.00
Home Fries 6.00


Omelettes served with choice of home fries, french fries, fruit, tossed salad or sliced tomatoes & choice of bagel or bread with cream cheese or butter
Egg Whites 1.50 Extra

Two Eggs Any Style 7.95
Cheese Omelette 9.95
Your choice of cheese
Spanish Omelette 10.95
Veggie Omelette 10.95
Western Omelette 13.95
Ham & Cheese Omelette 13.95
Nova, Eggs & Onions 14.95
Corned Beef Omelette 14.95
Pastrami Omelette 14.95
Salami Omelette 14.95
Bologna Omelette 14.95
Essen Omelette 15.95
Corn beef, pastrami & salami


Cheese Blintz 5.50
Blintzes Toppings- Choice of:
sour cream, apple sauce, blueberry compote or cherry compote
Challah French Toast 9.95
Pancakes 9.95
Chocolate Chip Pancakes 10.95
Black & White Pancakes 10.95
Chocolate pancakes with white chocolate chips
Pancakes with Fresh Fruit 12.95
Choice of blueberries or strawberries


Served with 2 eggs any style & choice of bread, roll or bagel

Corned Beef Hash 14.95
Pastrami Hash 14.95
Turkey Hash 14.95
Brisket Hash 14.95
Corned Beef & Pastrami Hash 15.95
Amigo’s Hash 15.95
Corned beef, pastrami & jalapenos

What Happy Customers Are Saying About The Essen Room!

Best pastrami on rye I have ever had. We took home their home made chicken pot pie and my husband (pot pie expert) said best ever! Definitely worth going out of your way for.
Cindy S.

Great, sandwiches expensive, but so big you can share. Israeli style pickle
And salad bar.
Carol H

Good food and great service. Employees are personable and very helpful. Combination makes you want to return.
Patricia V